Vaccine Mandates Made Easy

Request, receive and report staff vaccination status, simply, securely and risk-free with CredShare. 

How It Works

Partnering with The Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association WA, CredShare offers a simple tool that streamlines the way plumbers collect and report on vaccine status for their staff. 

Get set up in minutes and meet your obligations without messy paperwork, wasted admin time or risking privacy breaches. 



Speak to your entire workforce instantly with one-touch certificate requests


Receive & Record

Automate your collection and collation of records. Eliminate the need to handle sensitive documentation and manually enter data

Report In Real-Time

Give clients peace of mind and meet compliance requirements with one-touch reports you can access anywhere, anytime

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Wait. Can't I Just Use A Spreadsheet For This? 

Sure you could, but aren't there 60 things you'd rather do with the time it takes to manually complete that process? 

✅  We bet you'd prefer your team to focus on other tasks.
✅  We're guessing you'd prefer to remove room for human error.
✅  We're pretty sure you'd like to avoid the security risk of handling vaccine certificates

We're so sure, we're making our vaccine tracking tools available for free

No Strings Attached.

With a tool that lets you request, record and review vaccine status all in one place in just minutes, you can focus on the work that really matters, and know that we've got risk and compliance covered. 

Why CredShare?

CredShare is the only solution that allows you to track staff vaccine status centrally without ever having to handle sensitive employee information.

Our unique SmartCred™️ technology encrypts and extracts relevant proof points from staff certificates within their personal profile 
and reports them direct to your dashboard. 

In a single touch you can confirm vaccine status without viewing or handling sensitive staff data.

Simple, Sensible, Credential Management

Save hours of admin time by requesting, receiving and reviewing credentials in a single dashboard. 

Know where you stand with vaccine compliance in a single view. Stop chasing up emails, handling copied documents and manually assigning documents to employee records. 

Serious Information Security

Reduce business risk and protect staff privacy without increasing your cybersecurity efforts. 

CredShare encrypts and extracts confirmation data from each credential confirming it straight to your dashboard. 

You never need a copy of the document, but the data is repackaged into a CredCard - like you might see in a digital wallet - for review.